Warehouse for

Siberian Service Company

Pneumatic hangars for storage of equipment and goods

Siberian Service Company
Warehouse for storage of equipment and materials
Solid soil
300 м² / 358 yd²
Date of manufacture
October 2017
Number of hangars
Deployment time
72 hours


In July 2017, for the work at the Novoportovskoye oil and gas field in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug for Siberian Service Company, which provides oilfield services for Gazprom Neft, heated garages were installed for special machinery and equipment. Mobile workshops are equipped with heating, lighting systems and equipment for maintenance and repair of trucks.


About the customer


Siberian Service Company (SSC) is a non-state independent Russian company providing a wide range of services to oil and gas companies. The main activities are exploration and production drilling of oil and gas wells, including horizontal, current and overhaul of wells, selection of formulations, development and maintenance of drilling fluids, cementing of wells, services for technological support of directional drilling.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.