Workshop for

Nabors Drilling

Welding workshop for a drilling rig. An inflatable hangar is used for welding and flaw detection of drilling equipment

Nabors Drilling
Hangar for drilling equipment inspection
Solid soil
355 m²
Date of manufacture
January 2014
Number of hangars
Deployment time
72 hours

Task description

Nabors is one of the world’s largest suppliers of offshore drilling rigs. The company operates in the United States and in many international markets. Nabors has built a reputation for continuous innovation and operational excellence.

Bad environmental conditions and fragile environmental conditions are vital in the planning stages for Nabors. Their activities around the world require them to be quick and responsive to the requirements of each location.


Angarstroy has taken additional measures to equip its hangars with powerful ventilation systems to reduce welding fumes and prevent harmful toxins from entering the air. Ventilation is carried out exclusively by means of a hybrid generator.

The standard scope of delivery included: a hangar (15m x 25m – only 375 sqm), fast delivery in a 20-foot container, lighting system, remote telematics and a wide gate (6×6m) equipped with an electric winch. Angarstroy has completed the project in 47 days.


About the customer

Being leaders in our industry, we want to create a precedent of ethical construction. Since the first negotiations, cooperation with Angarstroy has been harmonious. Their recommendation to include solar panels in the hangar to reduce our carbon waste was enthusiastically accepted. Angarstroy and its team have wide experience in their field of expertise, and we look forward to a long-term partnership.

Sven Engström

Nabors is the global contractor for the S&P 500 for drilling oil, gas and geothermal wells, which includes about 500 drilling rigs in 20 countries. Nabors is committed to protecting the safety of its employees, as well as protecting the environment around its operations. Their operational production encourages them to constantly improve their training, processes, policies and procedures.

Nabors owns and operates one of the world’s largest rig fleets and supplies offshore rigs to the United States and other countries. Nabors’ highly skilled staff continues to set new standards of efficiency by leveraging the company’s advanced drilling automation capabilities.

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Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.