Inflatable Warehouses and Workshops

We help to store equipment and manufacture products where needed. Regardless of the terrain and climate.

The inflatable structure unfolds in a couple of days, retains heat similar to 640 mm brickwork. Does not require major repairs, will last at least 15 years under the most severe operating conditions.

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Our warehouse and workshop is an inflatable structure made of reinforced PVC materials, consisting of forming pneumatic cylinders, end walls equipped with doorways for pneumatic gates, connected into a single structure and covered with a prefabricated shell.
Each pneumatic cylinder is of half-torus design, automatically filled with air using an intelligent booster system. The end walls are equipped with door assembly, pneumatic gates, openings for supply and exhaust ventilation and heat-insulated channels for chimney.
For staff and visitors are provided aluminum doors with closers on a metal frame. Cargo gates open/close using an electric hoist, thus providing pass-through for machinery and equipment.
The pre-fabricated protective shell covers the pneumatic cylinders, providing increased wind and snow resistance, and also improves heat-saving specifications of the structure.

Warm and Light

Thanks to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as uniform and bright lighting, our hangars provide a comfortable working environment for our staff. A warm hangar will create favorable conditions for employees, which will positively affect the quality and speed of work processes.

Suitable for All Conditions and Climates

Our inflatable warehouses and workshops are designed to withstand the harshest operating and climatic conditions. The hangar provides a secure shelter for a wide range of operations – from storing materials and equipment to repairing equipment and manufacturing products. The range of potential applications spans the mining, oil and gas, construction, aviation and military sectors and much more.

When old warehouses and workshops no longer provide protection against extreme temperatures, dust and humidity, our hangars provide a closed and virtually sealed isolated space due to their inflatable structure.

Hangar Specifications

Effective area
100 to 10000 m² / 119.5 to 11959 yd²
Inner width
10 to 60 m / 11 to 109 yd
Inside height
7 to 30 m / 7.6 to 32.8 yd
Installation time
1 to 7 days
Operating temperature
-60 to +70 °C / -76 to 158 °F
Air spring diameter of
1.5 to 4 m² / 16 to 43 ft²
One air spring weight
70 to 1,550 kg / 154 to 3417 lb
Pumping system power
1 to 20 kW
Total weight of the construction
1.8 to 100 t / 2 to 110 ton
Wind resistance
up to 45 m/s / 100 mph
Life of hangars
at least 15 years
Material used
reinforced PVC

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We’ve Been Creating Inflatable Structures Since 1999

Our company has its own production facilities with a total area of over 5,000 m² (6000 yd²) and has the state-of-the-art equipment capable to produce more than 20,000 m² (24000 yd²) of finished products every year.


Our experts have developed more than a hundred new designs protected by copyright certificates for inventions and patents.
Automated design system and engineering analytics makes it possible to quickly fulfill orders of any complexity level.


We provide training of the Customer’s staff in a volume sufficient for installation, operation and maintenance of pneumatic hangars, including theoretical and practical training on repair methods in case of blow-by or for restoration of tissue cover.


All our products are covered by a five-year warranty, during which we carry out repair, supply of original spare parts and repair kits free of charge.


Our service centers provide installation, training and general management services for the installation and further operation of pneumo-framed structures and pneumatic hangars

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